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Reznor is THE name in reliability ever since the first Reznor Heater was developed over 125 years ago.


Reznor Heaters can be found in-stock at 2,000 distributor locations through North America.


Ever since the first reflector heater was invented in 1888, Reznor HVAC equipment has constantly been at the forefront of technological breakthroughs. This is evident in the V3 garage heater with the Tcore2 combustion system.

Reznor Unit Heaters

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Radiant Gas Heaters

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Why Heat Your Garage?

  • Keep your children and infants warm while transferring from home to car
  • Store cold sensitive material
  • Keep outdoor plants and pets warm during winter storms
  • Avoid having to let your car idle to let it warm up – reduce risk of carbon monoxide build-up
  • Maintain garage either at comfortable temperature or just above freezing