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Tahoe Luxury Models

    • 35,000 Btu Nat, 36-inch, 13-piece Log Set, 4 x 6 5/8 Venting (Top-Vent Only)
    • 30,000 Btu LP, 36-inch, 13-piece Log Set, 4 x 6 5/8 Venting (Top-Vent Only)
    • 37,500 Btu Nat, 42-inch, 13-piece Log Set, 5 x 8 Venting (Top-Vent Only)
    • 35,000 Btu LP, 42-inch, 13-piece Log Set, 5 x 8 Venting (Top-Vent Only)

Tahoe Luxury models retain the same overall dimensions as Premium models, but feature ceramic glass (for better heat transfer), a dimmer-controlled accent lamp inside the fireplace, a banded brick liner (that combines traditional straight courses with bricks set at an angle), automatic blower, and an intricately detailed 13-piece log set atop the Slope Glaze Excess Burner for a fuller ember bed.

And with their larger flame, Luxury fireplaces produce more heat.

Luxury models are offered in Millivolt (with standing pilot), Intermittent Pilot and in RF models. Our Green Earth Preferred IP and RF models eliminate the standing pilot for even greater efficiency and energy savings. RF Models include a thermostat remote control that automatically varies flame height and blower speed to maintain your pre-set temperature. In the event of a power outage, your RF-equipped fireplace can operate with a standing pilot to provide uninterrupted heating.

Empire Tahoe Luxury direct-vent fireplace

The Empire Direct-vent advantage

When you need to heat a single room or an entire home, Empire has Direct-Vent wall Furnaces are specifically designed for areas where flues or chimneys are not available or cannot be used. Empire Direct-Vent heaters have removable front panels for easy cleaning and servicing.

With a Direct-Vent system, there is a positive difference in fuel economy because outside air is used to support combustion. The air on the inside is warmed as it recirculates around a seal chamber. This warm air heats the room cleanly and efficiantly.

Direct-Vent & Vented counterflow wall furnaces

  • DVC-35 and FAW-40 May be recessed between wall studs
  • DV-55 and DVC-35 install on outside walls
  • FW-55 and Faw-40 install on inside or outside walls
  • Total comfort for a fraction of the cost of electric heat
  • Matchless pushbutton Piezo ignition
  • Optional 24-Volt wall thermostat (included)
  • Front panels remove easily for cleaning and servicing
  • Counterflow blower circulates warm air at floor level
  • Multi-room heating capacity with optional outlet kits
  • Up to 76% A.F.U.E.
Tahoe DVC-35

Cast Iron Stoves

Tahoe fireplace


  • More sizes and configurations than ever
  • More decorative accessories than ever
  • Louver and flush front models
  • Refractory and ceramic fiber liners
  • Accepts any certified vent-free burner and log set
  • Zero clearance certified